Consequences of gum disease

The consequences of
Gum Disease

General health

Dental health has an effect on general health.

If a gingival inflammation is not stopped, it can spread to the jawbone and gradually lead to its degradation. However, it is not only dental health that is affected. Untreated periodontitis is associated with an increased chance of complications for heart disease, diabetes and pregnancy outcomes.

What do dental health and icebergs have in common?

Icebergs extend far below the surface of the water. Our dental health is just the same. The most recent findings show that inflammation of the gums and periodontitis have far-reaching consequences on the overall health state of our body. Periodontitis has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and pregnancy complications.

What these findings mean for each and every individual is that it is more important than ever that you take signs of gum disease seriously, that you do something to counter them and that you discuss the matter with your dentist. We at meridol® also realise the importance of dental health education, and thus support educational initiatives to increase public awareness on the prevention of gum disease, in close collaboration with dental professionals and dedicated professional organizations.