Gum disease symptoms

What are the symptoms of
Gum Disease?

Phases of inflammation

Gum disease is a progressing condition. If you recognise the symptoms early enough, you can take action in time.

Periodontitis is always preceded by the inflammation of the gingival tissue (gingivitis). Periodontitis can progress from gingivitis without your noticing any clear signs of it.

Apart from occasionally bleeding gums, the following signs or symptoms should raise concerns: bad breath, change in tooth position, apparently longer and/or loosened teeth and occasional sensation of tension in the area.

Unless addressed in time, the inflammation of the gingival tissue can extend to the supporting structures of the tooth and could eventually lead to tooth loss.

what are the symptoms of gum disease?

Healthy gums

  • Pink coloration
  • Firm and robust
  • Attached to the tooth
  • Condition: Healthy
Phases of gum inflammation: Healthy gums, gingivitis, advanced periodontitis


  • Invisible/visible plaque
  • Enlarged blood vessels
  • Acute inflammatory reaction
  • Reddening, swelling
  • Condition: Reversible
Advanced periodontitis

Advanced periodontitis

  • Extended inflammation
  • Chronic inflammatory reaction
  • Bone demineralisation
  • Condition: Irreversible